The Faithfulness of Furry Friendship

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We always have the same routine. Witness and I wake around 6:30am, and he saunters to the bathroom to get ready for work. Cashew starts whining in his crate, and I slowly get up to release him from his nighttime ground cradle. Every morning I walk over, his tail wags energetically from one end of his house to the other. His yearning, black eyes meet mine, and he stretches to say good morning. I open the door to let him out, and he does three swift laps around my legs, all the while his tiny tail beats me with rabid joy. How such a small creature can have such energy is beyond me.

Every day it’s the same. We walk out the bedroom door. He wouldn’t dare go anywhere where I’m not. He makes sure I’m in his sight. He continues to wag his tail as he brings over the little tennis ball and rolls it toward my feet.

“Can we play?” he eagerly asks as his tail continues to swing in bliss.

“Let’s go outside,” I say in response, and he happily concedes, creating an invisible maze around my feet.

We put his harness on, and I ask him to sit properly in front of the door.

“Sit, Cashew,” I open the door, and he jolts toward the morning light.

“No,” I respond sternly, “Sit, Cashew. Have a little patience.”

He reluctantly sits.

“Okay, let’s go!” as the little puppy runs out into the morning dew.

I take him for about five 10 minute walks a day. He romps and plays in our little living room, creating dust storms of tennis ball fur. He climbs everything, goes over and under; there isn’t a space he hasn’t explored. He’s thorough and authentic, honest and curious, shy and loud, and a big sucker for treats. He refuses to eat his kibble, unless it is spread randomly across his paw-print mat. He hides every bone I give him in the most peculiarly conspicuous places.

I’m lucky to have such a joyful little creature in my life. Despite his inability to speak English, we communicate in intimate and kind ways to one another. My duty as master is to be the hands that feed, clean, groom, and keep him safe. His duty as pet is to give consistent companionship, joy, and stories of incredible messes to clean in his lifetime.

Every day, Cashew is the same, and every day, I need that consistency to keep me sane.



Snowboarding 101 at Devil’s Head Resort (Wisconsin)

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Hello friend,

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted. I’m happy to be in the new year and be given the opportunity to start a new hobby! My husband has always had a knack for very random things (like billiards, tennis, and guitar), and snowboarding happens to be one of them. He has had his own board and gear for a while, so we decided to make the investment for me because apparently, it pays for itself within ten or so snowboarding trips… and I plan on going a lot!

We first visited Dick’s for some snowpants, and in the end, bought a snowboard. I really liked having my own stuff from the onset, a sort of emotional attachment, the idea that I’m growing with Delilah, my snowboard. I’m looking forward to many more trips with Witness and Delilah. Perhaps we’ll even get to visit a real mountain one day… one day!

For equipment, here’s what we bought:
Burton Genie Board – $170 at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Geneva, IL
Burton Citizen Bindings – $90 at Dick’s
Burton Mint Snowboots – $150 at Dick’s
Columbia Women’s Snowpants – $70 at Dick’s
Dakine Women’s Camino Mitts – $21 at 20% at Wildside in Wisconsin ( THEY HAVE AMAZING SERVICE!)
Missing Channel Inserts – $30 installation at Wildside

The missing channel inserts were due to Dick’s Sporting Goods not having the inserts attached to the new board. It’s usually in a 3-inch by 2-inch plastic bag attached with a sticky adhesive to the back of the board. Apparently, this is a common occurrence amongst Dick’s Sporting Goods and their boards, so make sure you ask the store manager about it or order through Burton (for free) in advance. We paid $30 for the inserts and installation because we were going snowboarding the following day.

In total, we spent around $531 on my snowboarding gear that’ll be used for years to come. It wasn’t a bad deal!

The Resort
We went to Devil’s Head Resort in Merrimac, WI. It was about a three hour drive from the Northwestern suburbs of Illinois. The lift ticket was about $50 for 8 hours, $108 for the both of us… I kind of wished we hadn’t spent the $54 for me, since I spent half the day on the bunny hill. There was also a sale going on Liftopia for 2 days at Devil’s Head for $60. We only went on Saturday though.

Witness was my teacher for the day, and he was an amazingly patient one as I slowly realized that learning something new is difficult, frustrating, and incredibly painful. I think my greatest injuries were from getting up from my knees and falling (very hard) on my bum. Two days later, I’m still sore from four hours of snowboarding. I spent two hours on the bunny hill which consisted of two moving walkways and 2 semi-steep hills. Many children and novice snowboarders/skiers stayed in this area. We even saw a little child with a pacifier and her mother. Devil’s Head staff were also giving some lessons for $30/1.5hr. I liked this area because I could easily see the end of the hill, and it felt like something I would be able to complete on my own.

Through all the falling, I learned that I’m better on my toes than on my heels, so somehow I learned the opposite way than what most begin with. Overall, it was a frustrating, rewarding, and exciting experience. I’m looking forward to our next trip sometime in February to learn the other half of snowboarding, haha. Two more purchases we’ll make are some butt padding and knee pads. I look forward to the day I’ll be able to go down a black diamond on my own!

I hope this was an entertaining and informative read for you. Share with me your first snowboarding or skiing experiences! Let’s learn together 🙂