Step 1 at Harvest Bible Chapel (Elgin Campus)

Hello there,

Yesterday, Witness and I attended the 9:00 am service at Harvest Bible Chapel in Elgin. Well, we were technically late, so it was more like the 9:20 service (since Cashew was taking his sweet, sweet time). The sermon was a little hard to follow, probably because we hadn’t been attending for the whole series.

It was the last of Macdonald’s series and a decent one too. He focused on forgiveness, and how God’s sacrifice through His Son Jesus covers our past, present, and future sin. It was nice how Macdonald showed his humanity in sharing about how he too sins and allows his past regrets to fester at times. But ultimately, since the Father has already let it go, we also should repent again, and let it go too. We’ve been forgiven and will continue to be forgiven; it’s been resolved. God’s got it. How great that we’re covered by the blood of the Lamb!

I feel that James Macdonald’s style is kind of like a lecture. He doesn’t really tell stories like John Piper or create contextual pictures like John MacArthur for the congregation. His style is more like, here’s truth, then some more truth, and if you’re feeling it, here it is again. It’s good for those who are stubborn and hard-hearted like myself.

After the service, we went to STEP 1, which is the introduction to becoming a Harvest Bible Chapel member. It was hosted in a small room on the left side of the sanctuary filled with curious newcomers and men with green lanyards on. We grabbed some coffee, filled out a card, and received more information about Harvest Bible Chapel. Overall, a pretty smooth process. Initially, I had thought that we’d be able to meet the pastors, but I think we might’ve gone a little later than expected. We’re thinking of joining small groups soon. I’ll post on that once we get started.

As always, thanks for reading, and thank you for joining us onpagetwo!

With Love,





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